Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness bringt die Spieler in das vom Krieg zerissene Vietnam, während sie die Erinnerungen von Wendell Redler erleben, den man bereits aus der Kampagne kennt.

Solo und im Online-Koop-Modus spielbar, wirst du in den gefährlichen Dschungel gebracht, in dem du Mitgleider deiner Einheit befreien musst, dem Vietcong und der Nord-Vietnamesischen Armee einheizt, und dir deinen Weg zurück nach Hause erkämpfst.

Der DLC bringt neue Feature ,neue Ausrüstung und einen neuen Luftschlag , sowie unterschiedliche neue Modi nach Abschluss von Hours of Darkness: Überlebensmodus, bei dem man mit sehr limitierten Ressourcen spielen muss, und den Action-Film- Modus, bei dem ein überaus breites Sortiment ein übertriebenes Actionfeuerwerk liefert.

Neue Ausrüstung und Anpassungsmöglichkeiten;

Spieler, die den Far Cry 5 Season Pass besitzen oder den Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness-DLC erhalten Zugang zu neuen Waffen, Fahrzeugen, und Anpassungsmöglichkeiten, die auch in der Far Cry 5-Kampagne genutzt werden können.


  • Vietnam-Era M-16
  • SVD Gewehre


  • Army-Truck
  • Helikopter


  • Vietcong-Outfit
  • GI-Outfit


Title Update 6 – “Das Vietnam-Update” bringt neue, Gegenstände in Vietnamkriegs-Optik in den Far Cry Arcade Editor. Weitere Inhalte folgen dann noch in Zukunft mit den nächsten Title Updates.

  • Militärische Artillerei
  • Bunker und Equipment
  • Abgestürzte Militärmaschinen und -teile
  • Militärische Tunnel und Minen-Strukturen
  • Vietnamesische Häuser und Gebäude
  • Tempel, Kirchen und Ruinen
  • Verbrannte Häuser und Gegenstände
  • Und vieles mehr


Erhalte einen Vorgeschmack auf den Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness-DLC dank der Entwickler-Maps. Die Karten, die das Entwicklerteam erstellt hat.
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Patch Notes

New Additions

New Avatar Items added in the Character Customization

Special Outfits: Jess, Joseph Seed, Faith, Sheriff Whitehorse, Amita, Pagan Min

Masks: Clown, Panda, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Ball, Soccer Ball, Volleyball, Tennis Ball, 8 Ball, Golf Ball, Orange

New assets added in the Arcade Editor

Hours of Darkness static assets added

Improved Accessibility

Fixed an issue with Arabic font where some letters were difficult to read

Added a display in the Shop menu to show how much money you can get for selling loot

Stability & Performance

Fixed multiple low occurrence crashes

Fixed some minor performance issues while driving in certain locations of the world

Fixed an issue where the game could become stuck on the transition screen when opening the map after completing an objective


Fixed multiple low occurrence walkthrough breaks

Various improvements to mission objectives and warning messages

Various fixes to certain Prepper Stashes

Fixed an issue where the player would be unable to complete the mission "Widowmaker" under certain circumstances

Fixed an issue where Silos destroyed before starting the mission "Light'em Up" would sometimes not be counted toward completion

Fixed an issue where the rescue helicopter could leave without the player in the mission "The Cleansing"

Fixed an issue where the quest would not fail if the player throws the defector's body into the water in the mission "Jumping Ship"

Fixed an issue where the player could become stuck if he's hit by the plane while liberating Fall's End

Fixed an issue during the mission "Paradise Lost" where the objective marker would appear very far away in certain circumstances

Fixed an issue where Willis would not always enter his car during the mission "Patriot Acts"

Fixed an issue where a "Warning! Leaving mission zone" message would appear incorrectly during the mission "Turn the Tables"

Fixed an issue where the player could not collect the rewards during the Prepper Stash "Holdouts" if the bunker lock is destroyed before collecting the key card

Fixed an issue where the Prepper Stash "Swingers" would not complete if you were not using a grapple to reach the stash


Adjustments to news updates on car radios

Fixed an issue where the radio in the Wolf's Den was playing on loop

Fixed an issue where GFH would interrupt themselves when riding in a helicopter

Fixed an issue where some sounds would be muffled or muted when accessing the Arcade during the liberation splash screens

Fixed an issue where some NPC dialogue seemed out of context

Fixed an issue where the music never stops for the client after completing the mission "Get Free"

Companion, Enemy & Animal AI

Fixed some issues with NPC's and Companions playing incorrect dialogue

Fixed an issue with NPC's dialogue overlapping while riding in a helicopter

Fixed some issues with GFH icon priority

Fixed an issue where GFH could be damaged during certain liberation cinematics

Fixed an issue where two FFH would run into each other when adding a recently recruited FFH to your roster

Fixed an issue where sometimes the skunk would play an improper hit reaction animation

Fixed an issue where some animations for Goats, Elk, Cattle and Sheep would play abruptly

Gameplay & UI

Fixes and updates to weapon balance & statistics

Fixed an issue where land vehicles would stop if they pass through shallow water

Fixed an issue where the player could spawn a locked vehicle in certain circumstances

Fixed an issue where the player could be thrown into the air when picking up a dead body from the water

Fixed an issue with an incorrect spawn point loading when using fast travel. Fixed an issue where interaction buttons would sometimes flicker when the interaction prompts were deactivated

Fixed an issue where certain icons weren't changing to the correct color when activating color-blind mode

Fixed an issue where certain inventory items would keep flashing whenever the inventory was accessed

Fixed an issue where proximity explosives could explode early in certain circumstances

Fixed an issue with the animation when switching between turret and driving position in certain boats

Fixed an issue where the critical health FX can persist through cinematics when triggering a cinematic at critical health

Fixed an issue where a shovel could not be picked up if it is used to impale an NPC to a wall

Fixed an issue where not all text was changed when changing subtitles

Updated the image for the Cage Tutorial

Fixed an issue where the extended magazine icon wasn't appearing the weapon wheel for the 45/70 rifle


Fixed an issue where client model would become stuck in ragdoll when interrupting a friendly NPC who was reviving the client

Fixed an issue in the mission "Casualties of War" where the doors in the bunker might not be replicated for a client who joins the game after the mission has started

Fixed an issue where the client could sometimes become invisible after liberating an outpost while in a vehicle mounted gun

Fixed an issue where the client could sometimes not open the map after completing the mission "Prairie Oyster Harvest"

Fixed an issue where the player would become stuck in a revive transition when a Coop partner and GFH revived them at the same time

Fixed an issue where the client could become stuck in spectator cam in certain situations

Fixed an issue where the bunker hatch could remain closed for the client when joining a game during the mission "Patriot Acts"

Fixed an issue where controller rumble did not always work for a host when falling


Arcade menu flows have been reworked

Public and Private Lobbies have been reworked

Added text for page tabbing in the Map Browser

Player will now return to the Arcade Menu rather than the Main Menu if they are idle for too long

The option for voice chat has been added in Deathmatch

Fixes and updates to weapon balance & statistics

Fixed a rare crash when several host migrations would occur back to back

Fixed a replication issue for clients using ladders after a host migration

Fixed several issues where vehicles parts would be detaching on the client’s side

Fixed an issue where you would spawn with the incorrect load out

Fixed the visual effects for exploding ammo crates

Fixed an issue where you were unable to equip any weapons upon respawn if a host migration occurred at the same time

Fixed an issue where the host would re-spawn with the last weapon he was using

Fixed an issue where the download of the map would time-out

Fixed an issue where player names would be missing after being killed once

Fixed an issue where you would have been muted automatically when joining a lobby

Fixed an issue where party member(s) could not be un-muted

Fixed an issue where the team standing would be cut-off in several languages

Extended the ‘pick a map’ and ‘voting’ timers

Repositioned the health/armor info on opponents for when you went pass a given distance

Fixed an issue where map snapshots would fully load before the voting timer ended

Fixed an issue where the map you selected was not taken into account

Switched the ‘map rating’ button positions

Fixed an issue where helicopters and planes sounds would be stuck in a shooting loop once the driver was killed


Check the Arcade Editor section of the forum for details


Fixed an issue where special outfits with quivers would interfere with the player's field of view in certain situations


New mouse+keyboard controls scheme for planes, available in options menu

Fixed issue with game freeze on using Alt-Tab while skipping cinematics

Fixed issue when game does not display 100% Story Progress for some players who finished campaign

Fixed an issue that caused difficulties with map selection by mouse in Arcade

Fixed issue with blocking input if joining Arcade during liberation cinematic of an outpost

Fixed various minor issues on multi-GPU configurations

Fixed various localization issues

Fixed minor rendering issues

Fixed various UI issues