Survive the horrors of the undead in Dead Living Zombies, the final DLC installment from the Far Cry® 5 Season Pass.

As Far Cry 5’s Guy Marvel pitches scripts to Hollywood bigshots, you must enact his vision by surviving through waves of ravenous zombie hordes in 7 cinematic scenarios. Marvel’s ideas can change the world at any moment, so you’ll need to take out the zombies, destroy the Mutation Stations, and prevent a global zombie outbreak.

Built using the powerful Far Cry Arcade Editor, each map is a fast-paced zombie shooter you can take on alone or with a friend in 2-player co-op. The new Score Attack mode, also available in co-op, lets players challenge their own scores for one, two, or three star ratings.

Far Cry Arcade

Gear & Customization items

Earning three stars for a map in Score Attack Mode unlocks new gear or weapons you can bring back to the main campaign.

masks & outfits

  • Zombie Mask 01
  • Zombie Mask 02
  • Zombie Mask 03
  • Zombie Mask 04
  • Zombie Mask 05
  • Graveyard Schoolgirl
  • Vulturez Defender
  • Scientist Female
  • Scientist Male
  • Graveyard Punk
  • Vulturez
  • Russian Officer Female
  • Russian Officer Male


  • AKM
  • BP
  • BZ19
  • Magnum
  • SA50
  • Shovel
  • SPAS

Destructible objects

Destructible Objects are being added to Arcade! These generic building blocks shatter into small cubes when shot (or otherwise creatively destroyed). Objects range from geometric shapes to building elements - and even pixel-block vehicles.
Dozens of textures which can be applied to these blocks, such as grass, concrete, brick, metal, etc.

Combine different shapes and textures for almost limitless creativity and endless destructible fun!

Scripting Tool

A light scripting tool has been added to Far Cry® Arcade! Map makers can now trigger different actions in their maps based on player behavior. For example, when players perform specific actions - like killing enemies, reaching a location, or looking at specific objects - map makers can then change the time of day, teleport the player, add slow motion, change the music, and even add or remove enemies or gameplay objects. These essential tools open up a whole new realm of possibilities, and allow map makers to add an entirely new layer of visual storytelling to their creations!

Dev maps

Get a taste of the Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies DLC thanks to the maps created by the Dev Team.
Expedition, a cliff side bounty hunt map, and Outception, a mind-bending driving course across time and space.
Click on the links below and add them to your favourite for your next game session.

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Patch Notes

New Additions

Added New Game + Mode

Added IGE Scripting Tools

Added new weapons

Added new vehicles

Added new masks/p>

Added new special outfits

Stability & Performance

Fixed Audio issue that was causing an edge-case crash

Fixed a connection error bug when the Host of an in-game party created a private session

Fixed a freeze that would occur upon accessing the in-game party menu

Bug fix for rare stuck black screen upon Fast Travelling in Coop

Bug fix for error screen when moving an asset outside of map limits in IGE


Minor bug fix for Player inventory after some cinematics


Fixed minor audio/VO issues in Dead Living Zombies DLC

Fixed a rare audio crash

Gameplay & UI

Fixed minor player 3Cs issue


Bug fix for Coop Client spawning in the air without the parachute perk when the Host uses Air Drop to fast travel

Far Cry® Arcade

Bug fix for Lost on Mars DLC weapons in Arcade

Minor bug fixes for Far Cry® Arcade menu navigation

Map Editor

Fixed the Sky Occlusion Setting that did not properly interact with the light level of the map

Removed some folders that were doubled in Lights And Effects

Bug fix for texture issues on destructible generic shapes

Bug fix for Triggers and Actions for Scripting Tool

Bug fix for map budgets carrying over to new created maps

Bug fix for assets changing upon loading the map

Added IGE Lost on Mars DLC assets

Added IGE Dead Living Zombies DLC assets

Minor bug fix on some Hours of Darkness DLC assets

Minor bug fix on decals

Far Cry® 5 Dead Living Zombies DLC

General bug fix for release