Joseph has been spoken to by God who has tasked him with saving as many souls as he can from the end of the world. But rather than choosing to harvest these souls through peace, The Father chose the most vicious forms of manipulation possible.

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Backed by his siblings, The Heralds, and an army of fanatics, The Father is quickly cultivating lost souls and preparing them for The Collapse. And leaving a lot of blood and bodies in his wake.

The Cult


The Heralds are The Father's beloved siblings, each of whom control one of three major regions in Hope County. As de-facto leaders of the Project at Eden's Gate, they only answer to The Father and exact his will through psychological and physical methods.

The Father

Leader of the Project at Eden's Gate

Joseph Seed

Joseph came from a small town in the deep south of Georgia.  His life was listless until one morning when he heard a Voice whisper to him, telling him that the world was headed for a Great Collapse. The voice gave Joseph a single directive: “Save as many as you can. Whether they wish to be saved or not.” Joseph welcomed the poor, the disenfranchised, the wayward souls who had been left behind by society and formed The Project at Eden’s Gate and after a time, migrated from the south to Hope County to create their “New Eden”. Joseph is driven only by The Voice and the knowledge that he alone is humanity’s savior.

The Heralds

The Cult

The Project at Eden’s Gate

The Project at Eden’s Gate believe that they have been given a mandate from God: Save as many souls as they can, thus ensuring humanity’s survival after The Collapse. Those who seek to hinder The Project must be dealt with severely. According to The Father, The Project is humanity’s only hope to survive “The Collapse.”

The Siren

Faith Seed

Once you fall under Faith’s spell, you’re a goner. As Joseph’s voice, Faith acts as a divine instrument of chaos to keep the congregation in a state of bliss.

The Soldier

Jacob Seed

“Preparedness through pain.” This is Jacob’s mantra. As the Cult’s recruiter and former Army marksman, big brother Seed’s main duty is protecting the Project at Eden’s Gate.

The Baptist

John Seed

John’s doctrine is “The Power of Yes.” As the reaper for Eden’s Gate, John will use intimidation, faith and violence to secure resources vital to the Cult’s survival—whether it’s home or human. And anyone who tries to interfere with The Project will face a merciless death… Unless of course, John has another use for them.

The Resistance

From the everyday townspeople of Holland Valley to the more self-sufficient residents spread throughout the Whitetail Mountains, every member of The Resistance has one thing in common: They want Hope County back. And they’ll use every tool at their disposal to ensure Joseph Seed is giving his next sermon from the grave.

The Resistance


The Resistance

From the everyday townspeople of Holland Valley to the more self-sufficient residents spread throughout the Whitetail Mountains, every member of The Resistance has one thing in common: They want Hope County back. And they’ll use every tool at their disposal to ensure Joseph Seed is giving his next sermon from the grave.



Mary May recently lost the only people she ever really loved: her parents. Born and raised in the Holland Valley, her father drove a truck and her mother ran the family watering hole, The Spread Eagle. Life wasn’t always easy, but it was good. And no matter what, they had each other. When Mary’s parents died, the bank seized the property and Eden’s Gate bought it for pennies. Mary blames Eden’s Gate, and she’s not going to let it stand. The Spread Eagle is her HOME—her parents’ legacy. Not only is she going to get it back, she’s going to get revenge.

The Pastor


Pastor Jerome Jeffries is God’s hammer. He served in the first Gulf War and saw combat up close, then returned to Montana and has been the region’s pastor for over 15 years. When Joseph Seed arrived 10 years ago, Pastor Jerome Jeffries was one of the first to befriend him.

It wasn’t long before many of the pastor’s congregation broke away and joined Joseph, calling him Father. Pastor Jerome Jeffries became uncomfortable with Joseph’s unorthodox worship, but conceded that people must choose their own path to God.

Then came the lockdown. The Pastor was beaten, tossed in the woods, and left to die. He clawed his way back to life and headed back to Fall’s End to protect those in need with the Good Book in one hand and a gun in the other.

Guns for hire

Guns for hire

Guns for hire

Your posse comes in all shapes, sizes, and species. To help aid in your campaign against The Project at Eden's Gate, call upon other Resistance fighters from the towns to the forests to the blue skies of Hope County. Some of these fighters even have fangs.

Dangerously Stupid


Hurk Jr. was born two prongs short of a fork, raised on TV dinners and soap operas in the absence of his father (Hurk Sr.) and his mother (Adelaide), who ran the family’s small business.

Hurk Jr. lives with his dad in a fortified compound, “enjoying” the old man’s company and the many guns and armored vehicles on the property.

Hurk believes in only three things: poundin' brews, rockin' it all the time, and givin’ praise to the Monkey King who will eventually bestow him with great fortune.

The Master Huntress


Jess’s parents were frequently out of work, so she moved around a lot and never had a proper childhood. As a result, trouble found her early: fistfights in the school hallways, late-night graffiti, dealing drugs, petty theft, and even setting fire to the principal’s car.

One night, while she and her family were sleeping, an Eden’s Gate henchman named The Cook broke into their house and abducted them. The Cook starved and tortured them relentlessly before finally killing Jess’s parents in front of her.

She’s determined to save everyone she can and get revenge on The Cook. In a roundabout way, Jess found her true calling: killing.

The Chopper Queen


Adelaide Drubman is healthier, wealthier, and wiser than most folks. Just ask her: she’ll be glad to tell you all about herself.

Addie married a wealthy older man, Hurk Drubman Sr., when she was in her 20s.

After a decade of indifference and infidelity from her husband, Addie filed for divorce.

Paradise was lost once Eden’s Gate started sniffing around, begging to buy up her land. When she refused to sell out, they came with guns and took it by force. Banished from her own home, a furious Addie has been plotting revenge and brushing up on target practice with her prized AK-47.

The Pyrotechnics Phenom


His birth certificate says Charlemagne Victor Boshaw IV, but he’d prefer it if you called him Sharky. His parole officer calls him a serial arsonist, but he’d prefer the term, “fire enthusiast.” See, wherever Sharky goes, fire follows: It destroyed his family’s trailer park on three separate occasions, forcing it to close down. It claimed the roller rink that bore witness to a disastrous first date. And it seems to ruin every drunk tank and jail cell that he ever sets foot in.

The law couldn’t change Sharky, but that didn’t deter Eden’s Gate. They invited him to join them and walk the path to a better life. When he found out that a better life involved torture and brainwashing, Sharky decided to fight the cult. And his fire followed.

The Pilot


Nick Rye broke away from a long line of Holland Valley Air Force veterans. His grandfather flew in WWII and in ‘Nam, and told Nick that war is hell—no exceptions.

All his life, Nick has resisted the idea of going to war. But now war has come to him. It’s time for him to step up and become the true American hero he was destined to be.

The Marksman


Grace Armstrong is an expert sniper who has won a bronze medal at the US Olympics, served multiple tours in Afghanistan, and returned home to work as a weapons instructor alongside her father at the family’s shooting range in the Holland Valley.

The Project at Eden’s Gate was a growing presence, but nothing she took seriously at first. However, things came to a head when the shooting range was violently taken over by The Project, while local police refused to help. The resulting chaos led to the death of Pops. At that moment, something snapped inside Grace. She buried her father, unpacked her sniper rifle, and went hunting for the members of Eden’s Gate.

Fangs for Hire

Fangs for Hire


Boomer is a former bird-dog Regional Champion. After a successful career, he was content to spend his retirement at his owner Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm. Then the cult stepped in and took his family from him. But Boomer is still a loyal companion to those he can trust, and he's always ready to use his keen senses to take down the cult.

Fangs for Hire


Peaches was raised in captivity, but some would argue that makes her a more vicious predator than any cougar from the wild—especially after being tended to by Miss Mable, the meanest, grumpiest, most acidic old lady in Hope County.

After having the comfort of her daily routine broken by Eden’s Gate, Peaches escaped captivity and tapped in to her hunter instincts. She will gleefully tear apart and feast on any cultists unlucky enough to disturb her mid-afternoon catnap.

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Fangs for Hire


Cheeseburger was found as a young cub, snacking on greasy leftovers in a dumpster behind The Grill Streak. He’d been left to fend for himself after his mother was shot by poachers. Wade Fowler found him and brought him back to the F.A.N.G. Center, an animal sanctuary, where he was bottle-fed and nurtured back to health.

When the cult moved in, Wade quickly realized that Jacob wanted Cheeseburger for his experiments. Rather than letting that monster get his hands on his beloved bear, Wade decided to let him loose to fend for himself.

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Hope County

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Ask around and people might say that you won’t find more freedom-loving people per square mile than here. It’s a place of hunting, farming and fishing, where people value their freedoms and the simpler things in life. At least that was the case before the Project showed up. Now the county is in disarray. Those who haven’t surrendered their souls to the cult are fighting for their lives, and their homes. And no place is safe from their hold. Whether exploring the rocky terrain of the Whitetail Mountains, the rolling plains of Henbane River, or the raw wilderness of Holland Valley, you’re bound to find trouble—under every rock, behind every shrub, within every crevasse.

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Hope County is a living world filled with engaging people, places, and opportunities for the player. You have the freedom to choose: who you help, how you take down the cult, which lieutenant you take out first. The non-linear campaign is driven by the decisions you make, and the impact those decisions have on the game world. Intel is learned by exploring the open world to enrich your knowledge of its vast content. And the intel you get is determined by the choices you’ve made throughout your campaign, ensuring you always have a clear objective to pursue and never get too lost in freedom.


There is no limit to your curiosity—just remember what happened to the cat. As you venture deep into the hills, creeks, caverns and crevasses of Hope County, always keep a keen eye on the lookout and your wits about you. You never know who could turn out to a friend who is there to help you along the way, or a foe who is hell bent on burying you.