Far Cry Primal 4K Texture Pack

HD Texture pack now available for free

04/12/2016 10:00 AM

Fellow Wenja!

We're happy announce that Far Cry Primal is now available to play in fantastic Ultra-HD, thanks to our brand new 4K texture pack on PC.

This update, available for free on both Uplay and Steam, brings a much higher level of detail which can be appreciated whilst playing the game in 4K resolution.

Playing in 4k also means that you'll be able to experience the wilds of Oros in amazing detail, which will also be enhanced by an overall improvement to the games graphics! The download size is 3.5 GB.

To make your experience as smooth and stable as possible, it's recommended to use at least a 4 GB GPU.

We hope you enjoy the thrilling adventures of the Wenja tribe with these new textures!

Download the high-rez version in 3840x2160 (24 Mb)

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