[2017-07-07] FC5 Fangs for hire - THUMBNAIL

Far Cry 5 – Meet the Fangs for Hire

07/07/2017 12:00 PM

In Far Cry 5, you'll work to unite the people of Hope County, Montana against The Project At Eden's Gate – but the citizens won't be the only ones to answer your call. Certain animal denizens of Hope County can also be convinced to join the battle as Fangs for Hire, and will fight alongside you against the cultists who've taken over the county.

One of the Fangs for Hire is Boomer the dog, who quickly proves his worth by scouting areas, tagging enemies, and lunging into action when confronted by enemies. Boomer can even yank weapons away from cultists and bring them to you, a skill that makes him invaluable in tight situations or when you're low on ammo.

Boomer is one of several Fangs for Hire that you'll be able to recruit in Far Cry 5, and you'll have a chance to try and tame them all when Far Cry 5 launches on February 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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