[2017-08-21] Weapons and Vehicles

Check Out the Weapons and Vehicles of Far Cry 5

08/21/2017 10:00 AM

Far Cry 5 offers endless opportunities to create mayhem for the doomsday cult known as The Project at Eden's Gate. And as you explore the vast countryside and winding roads of Hope County, you'll discover a wide range of vehicles, toys, and weaponry to help you liberate the county from the clutches of Eden's Gate and its fanatical followers.

For example, finding a car is useful for getting around – but if you'd like to couple that mobility with some raw destructive fury, you can jump into the cab of the Widowmaker Semi, and slam through cult barricades with all the force its high-speed steel chassis can bring. If sheer bulk isn't your thing, the TC6 M-Duty truck is one of Hope County's most popular rides, and it's a quick and capable way of getting around the area's uneven roads and terrain. That's even truer for the buggy, whose light frame and agility will let you outmaneuver even the most determined pursuers.

Far Cry 5 also boasts armed vehicles that let you unleash death from above, including the Rye & Sons Hydroplane – a modified crop duster-turned-fighter plane, equipped with guns, bombs, and pontoons for water landings – and a helicopter that lets you fly high above the action and swoop low to rain down bullets.

Speaking of bullets, you'll have no shortage of weapons to choose from as you confront Hope County's many dangers. These range from classic pieces like the tried and tested MP40 machine pistol, to the MBP .50 sniper rifle, perfect for a methodical, stealthy, long-distance approach. If you want to go even quiter, a compound bow is an ideal tool for hunting cultists or dangerous wildlife, and if you're going loud there are few better options than an RPG-7 rocket launcher, or even a trusty grenade. And if your chips are down, you can always throw a rock, which won't kill anything but will lure your enemies away from you – or distract them just long enough for a stealthy takedown.

And that's just the beginning. There's a whole world of vehicles, weapons, and more to fuel your adventure in Hope County, and you'll be able to try them all when Far Cry 5 launches on February 27, 2018, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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