[2017-09-20] FC_MapJam_Freedom_NCSA

And The Freedom Map Jam Winners Are…

10/19/2017 12:00 PM

Hello Far Cry Map builders,

Another Map Jam is over and once again you have shattered the plains of reality and freed the creativeness within.

We hope you enjoyed crafting your own perspective of Freedom and experiencing other’s interpretations but now let’s get down to business!

This time around we will have nine winners, thanks to your feedback regarding the Player Choice Award!

  • 2x Best Graphic Winners (1x PC and 1x Console)
  • 2x Best Narrative Winners (1x PC and 1x Console)
  • 2x Best Level Design Winners (1x PC and 1x Console)
  • 3x Best Player Choice Winners (1x PC, 1x PS4 and 1x XB1)


Best Level Design
PC – Azulluna - MJ2 – POW Escape (Outpost)

Console - Chickenoncheese – MJ2 - Cave Escape (Extraction)

Best Graphics
PC – CapnRobm – MJ2 - Serenity Lake (Hunt)

Console - Longridr – MJ2 - The Last Dragon (Extraction)

Best Narrative
PC – SETHO-1 – MJ2 – Vengeance (Outpost)

Console - CoMMANDERCoLSoN – MJ2 - HEAVY METAL (Extraction)

Player's Choice
PC – AKAFootloose – MJ2 - Drugs & Alcohol (Outpost)

PS4 - Sabotur – MJ2 - Foxhunt (Outpost)

XB1 - Fallen Champ – MJ2 - Race 2 Freedom (Outpost)


We will add feedback and comments of the other entries that left an impression on the developers here, so stay tuned!

Congratulations to those chosen! They have all been difficult and stressful choices for the ten dev team members but they got there in the end.

Each winner will receive the following 1x FC5 Game on platform of their choice upon release, 1x Cap, 2x pins, 1x Mug and 1x FC5 T-shirt as pictured below.

Exclusive Goodies

So this is a call-to-action now that the winners have been announced, find these amazing maps, download them and support them by playing them. Also let us know what you think about them on our forums or our social media with #MapJam2.

(Got any feedback about the event? Let us know directly at farcrycommunity@ubisoft.com)

To see the winners of our first Map Jam event, themed ‘Hope County’ click here

Thank you for participating!

The Far Cry Community Team

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