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Far Cry’s Craziest Moments of the Month

07/06/2018 09:00 AM

Greetings from Hope County! If you’re looking for some hard-core action, you’ve come to the right place.

When you guys are not busy creating and playing fun community maps in our Arcade, you’ve been making some incredibly action-packed gifs. Today, we wanted to share some of the most thrilling ones with you. Read on to see the magic that happens when imaginative players meet Hope County’s crazy world.

First up is iwascuddles who isn’t scared of helicopters. After initially firing at a chopper, he decided to go a bit more old school. With a little bit of beauty, grace, and a knife, he took down the chopper’s pilot in one swing. What an aim!



If you thought iwascuddles was precise, check out this incredible shot. “Two birds, one stone” has never been more accurate.


[2018-07-03] Craziest Moments 2


How many shovels does it take to wipe out a cultist? Only one with this masterful takedown by GrandMasterSubZero!



Grab your popcorn! This player fully went into beast mode to take down a moving truck. Watch out for what is sure to be next year’s Best Action Oscar-winner.


[2018-07-03] Craziest Moments 4


To finish, this fan's GIF is the perfect example of how not to Base Jump. We’ve only got one word: ouch.


[2018-07-03] Craziest Moments 5

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