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FC5 Photo Mode Contest: Lost on Mars

07/19/2018 09:00 AM

Calling all Far Cry Photographers!

You’ve shown us your best wingsuit stunts, breathtaking Hope County views, and adorable pictures with Boomer- now it’s time to take your camera to Mars!

From July 19th to August 2nd, to celebrate the launch of Lost on Mars, we are launching the first Far Cry Photo Mode contest. Take a break from fighting alien arachnids and tour the exotic Martian scenery with Nick Rye and Hurk. Show off your favorite takedowns with new futuristic weapons, capture jetpack action shots in zero gravity, or even take a selfie with an alien!

How to Access Photo mode?

Starting your photography career couldn’t be easier! Access photo mode from the pause menu and rotate the camera to find the best angle. Settings like time of day and field of view can also be adjusted to set up the perfect shot. You can even add filters to fit the mood! If you’re interested in learning more about Photo Mode, check out this helpful FAQ.

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How to Participate?

  • Qualified photos must be taken in the Lost on Mars DLC or any Far Cry Arcade map featuring Lost on Mars assets.
  • Entry photos must be created in the Photo Mode feature of Far Cry 5. Entry Photos cannot be altered using 3rd-party tools, including, but not limited to, photo editing software.
  • Publish your qualified entry image from the Far Cry 5 Photo Mode to either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #FC5PhotoModeContest or publish your qualified entry image in the comments section of the announcement post of the Far Cry 5 Photo Mode Contest.
  • All entries must comply with Ubisoft terms and conditions- the full list of official rules can be found here.
  • Only one screenshot can be submitted per person- choose wisely!


Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges consisting of members of the Far Cry Community Team, based on the following criteria:

  • Originality: Most original of all qualified Entry Photos
  • Art: Most artistic of all qualified Entry Photos
  • Theme: Must be clearly tied to the Lost on Mars theme

Each winner will receive:

  • 500 Silver Bars
  • 1 Digital T-Shirt to customize your in game avatar
  • 1 Far Cry 5 Poster

[2018-07-19] Photo Mode Rewards

Official rules can be located here. Good luck and happy shooting! 📸

The Far Cry Community Team

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