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12/06/2018 05:00 PM

With the announcement of Far Cry New Dawn, it’s clear that things did not turn out well for Hope County, Montana in Far Cry 5. How did it all go so apocalyptically wrong? How did the Project at Eden’s Gate cult gain a stranglehold on the people and places of Hope County? What did the local resistance do to push them back? And why was Joseph Seed—the manipulative and murderous cult leader known as The Father—able to command such a powerful following?

You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in Far Cry 5, as you journey to the lush valleys of Hope County and confront the insidious cult. Their message of salvation in the face of doomsday has inspired a devoted army of fanatics, and they are aggressively recruiting new followers using coercion, hallucinogenic drugs, and violence. The mind behind these sinister tactics is The Father, a man who believes he is chosen by God to harvest souls before the coming Collapse. Under his leadership, the cult has developed extensive operations across every region of Hope County; from the rocky hilltop lookouts and dense evergreen forests to the abundant rolling farmland and winding river canyons, no one is safe.

The natural beauty of Far Cry 5 will be a stunning backdrop for your explosive clashes with violent cult members, who will stop at nothing to fulfill The Father’s vision. With your ever-growing collection of weapons, vehicles, and allies, you’ll have the freedom to take the fight to the cult in any way you want. As you push the cult back, you’ll see the difference you’re making firsthand and force a final, dramatic showdown with The Father.

The people you meet and the places you liberate will become part of your story, a story that culminates in catastrophe. The nukes that fall at the end of Far Cry 5 devastate the landscape, wreaking havoc on the region that lingers for years. But after long periods of fire and famine, life begins to claw its way back, eventually leading to the abundant superbloom you can see in the announcement trailer for Far Cry New Dawn. And if nature can find a way to thrive in Hope County once more, perhaps there is hope for the people and places you fought for in Far Cry 5.

The future awaits you in Far Cry New Dawn, and you can prepare by jumping into Far Cry 5 now. Visit the Ubisoft Store to pick up the Gold Edition of Far Cry 5, which not only reveals what happened before the bombs fell, but also includes three wild adventures beyond Hope County, as well as a copy of Far Cry 3: Classic Edition. Let the liberation of Hope County begin!

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