Title Update 5 – aka the “Shovel Launcher Update”

It’s a good time to be alive in Hope County. In addition to various bug fixes and improvements, our latest Title Update brings some epic new content into the game.

The Shovel Launcher
Trade your RPG for an RPS. Available as a reward in this week’s Live Event, “White Collar Job,” complete your personal challenge to get your hands on the Shovel Launcher. Don’t worry – if you miss out, we’ll be adding a Shovel Launcher to the shop after the event ends. Get ready to give the cult hell with everyone’s favorite glorified spoon.


Incognito, but never inconspicuous. We’re adding masks to your customization options for those of you who would rather take a walk on the wild side. Animals? Check. Eyeball? Check. Nightmare fuel? DOUBLE check.

And speaking of characters…

Avatar Customization – anytime, anywhere!
You do you. This Title Update makes it possible to change your avatar at any point in the game – just head into the character customization option and switch things up.

To check out the full details on this title update, head on over to our Forums.

TU5 Gallery


Shovel Launcher

Shovel Launcher ATV

Shovel Launcher Turkey

Dino Mask RPG