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After the last Ice Age, the glaciers retreated to leave behind a land blooming with nature and resources where humans and animals alike can thrive – provided they have what it takes to prove their dominance. You will play as Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of your group. You have one goal: survival in a world where you are the prey.

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Ull - Udam Leader

ULL is the leader of the Udam tribe and commands their respect and fear. He is a fierce brute with limbs of timber and severe fire burns across most of his body. His nose and ears have melted away leaving him with a mottled mask. Many of his hideous scars came from the deadly fire arrows of the Izila tribe.

Batari - Izila Leader

BATARI is the divine matriarch of the Izila tribe. Zealous, vindictive, and arrogant, she has ushered her people into a new age of agrarian prosperity with the harsh but benevolent hand of a spiritual leader. Batari has enjoyed the reverence of the Izila ever since she was born during a solar eclipse and deemed a descendant of the sun goddess. The Izila people now venerate her as the "sun daughter," a divine savior who will protect them from danger.

Takkar - Wenja

Takkar is a seasoned hunter who is part of the Wenja tribe. After the Wenja suffer a devastating attack by the rival Udam tribe, Takkar tries to unite the scattered members while defeating lethal predators and deadly enemy tribes. Join him as he tries to conquer the majestic and savage land of Oros and become the Apex Predator.

Tensay - Wenja Shaman

TENSAY is the psychotic yet charming Wenja shaman. He chews mind-altering plants, communicates with the spirits of nature, and holds audiences rapt with his colorful stories and animated personality. As the Wenja's only shaman, he is the keeper of the tribe's beliefs. When not lost in a hallucinatory spirit vision, he devotes his attention to healing the wounded, aiding births, and conducting funeral rites for fallen Wenja.

Sayla - Wenja Gatherer

SAYLA suffers from the horrors she witnessed when her Wenja village was attacked by the vicious Udam and their bloodthirsty leader, Ull. After fleeing the slaughter, Sayla sought shelter far away in a small cave, but she was haunted by the screams of her dying Wenja tribespeople. She still hears the cries in her head, and she assumes everyone is haunted by the very same screams. As a skilled gatherer, she longs for the comfort and security of a Wenja village. She knows that Wenja have strength in numbers and it’s the only way to combat the Udam.

JAYMA - Wenja Hunter

JAYMA is a fierce, heavily-scarred Wenja hunter who has spent her life in the wilds hunting the most savage beasts. She’s survived longer than most hunters who are often maimed or eaten by the beasts of Oros. She has a few faithful Wenja hunters who walk with her, eager to learn from this old master. She’s in her twilight years and eager to pass on her experience to a worthy hunter.

KAROOSH - Wenja Warrior

KAROOSH is a powerful, gregarious Wenja fighter. He suffers over the death of his only child who was killed by Mog, an Udam warrior. Karoosh lost his own eye trying to defend his boy and now vows revenge. He is hunting for Mog and slicing through all Udam that come in his path.

WOGAH - Wenja Crafter

WOGAH is a feral, dangerous, one-armed Wenja crafter—at once brilliant and completely deranged. Last year the Udam tribe massacred his village, captured him, and cut off his arm to feed on his flesh. Wogah staunched the blood flow and fashioned an ingenious device to break free from his cage. Ever since, he has lived the solitary existence of a hermit—chattering to himself and crafting traps to kill the violent Udam.


During the Ice Age thousands of years ago, glacial sheets covered all of Oros. By 10,000BCE, the ice has receded from most of Oros and settled to the north where massive glaciers dominate the skyline. The north land is covered in a thick permafrost where resources are scarce and the cold is deadly. The Udam tribe suffered through the Ice Age within the mountain caves of the north. Today, they still call this harsh land home as they fight to establish a new home in the valley of Oros.


The lush and fertile valley of Oros flourished as the Ice Age receded centuries ago, leaving behind thick, vibrant foliage, majestic red cedars, and a rich, diverse wildlife. The land offers the greatest opportunities for the many tribes of Oros. The Wenja tribe struggles to establish a home within the valley. The Udam tribe has pushed out from the icy north into the more promising valley. They clash with any tribes they cross determined to exert their dominance and establish a base in these fertile lands.


The southern region of Oros is made up of marshlands. This dense, temperate region is home to the Izila tribe and their many megalith standing stones. The lush, open land is ideal for the Izila’s agrarian society. Their advanced farming techniques flourish within this region. The south is a rich, fertile land with tall evergreens, vibrant flora, and diverse fauna.


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